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  • I had an aid previously that did not work well. The sound was just a confusion of noise as it did not discriminate sound discretion.…
    Rennie Wells
  • Thought I'd share this with you--my response to Socorro Ramos, owner of Natiuonal Bookstore, in her column in Philippine Star about a hearing impaired reader…
    Bobby Mabanta
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Welcome to Ledesma Audiological Center Website!

Ledesma Audiological Center Inc. has been in the hearing industry for more than 35 years. Ledesma is the largest hearing aid sales center in the Philippines with 10 active branches nationwide.

We offer a variety of hearing aid models for all types and degree of hearing loss, a complete laboratory equipment for earmold processing, computerized equipment for programming digital hearing aids and video otoscopy that allows us to identify presence of middle ear pathology.